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Create alerts with thethings.iO IoT platform

At thethings.iO IoT platform we love to give power to the IoT developers. This is the reason why since the very beginning we created the Cloud Code framework. The Cloud Code framework enables anyone to apply any algorithm on the top of the data, in real-time, every hour, every day or whenever. Nevertheless, a lot […]

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Using Geofencing with thethings.iO

What is geofencing? Geofencing is a technology that allows you to create geographical boundaries and set up triggers based on location information. For example, you could send a message to someone when a “thing” has entered or left a specific area defined by your geofence. Some of the great uses of geofencing include location tracking, […]

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How to Setup your Insight Dashboard

When you log into your thethings.iO IoT platform, the first thing that you see is your Main Dashboard. This dashboard is here to give you the main overview of all of your things. However, sometimes you need to see more specific information about your things. For this reason, we’ve created the Insight Dashboard feature. If […]

Asset Tracking Success Story on the Automotive Industry

At thethings.iO we have been working during the last twelve month on the thethings.iO Solutions. One of the most successful IoT Solution is related with the asset tracking and more concrete with a complete Internet-connected plastic pallet for automobile industries. Here you can find more details on thethings.iO Asset Tracking Solution Success Story. At thethings.iO […]