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Blockchain and Internet of Things

Internet of Things and Blockchain or Blockchain and Internet of Things. These are two hot topics thrown around the industry a lot, but what exactly do they mean and how are they related? What is the Internet of Things Internet of Things (IoT) is, simply put, the connection of physical objects, or “things”, to the […]

thethings.iO IoT Startup Program

At thethings.iO IoT platform we are supporting some of the most exciting early-stage IoT startups. Nowadays some of them are changing the world with their amazing Internet of Things products and with our humbly help with thethings.iO IoT platform. One of the goals of thethings.iO is to help companies, like yours, to build your IoT […]

How to set up thethings.iO Blinders for your retailers

At thethings.iO IoT platform we have a security solution to protect your retailers, partners and distributor. The goal of thethings.iO Blinders IoT platform for retailers is to keep their clients data private from customer information leaked through your digital products. Meet thethings.iO Blinders IoT platform for retailers. Learn on this post how to set up […]

IoT Platforms for Dummies ebook

We are pleased to announce a new ebook made by thethings.iO‘s CEO Marc Pous and Blai Carandell about the IoT Platforms. We named it IoT Platforms for Dummies and we try to explain what is an IoT platform is and why a digital business needs to use an existing IoT Platform asap. Today is the […]

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thethings.iO IoT Blinders Retailer Manager

If you sell your digital product via distributors and retailers, thethings.iO’s Blinders are for you. The Blinders tool provides privacy and security to your retailers and suppliers and all their network of sub-retailers. Let’s learn more! What is thethings.iO Blinders? Imagine you are a thethings.iO customer with smart lightbulbs you wish to sell to retailers such as […]