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The most simple enterprise IoT platform

A year ago, I wrote Keep IoT simple, stupid where I was trying to explain that with thethings.iO we are trying to bring simplicity into the complex ecosystem of the Internet of Things. Store, analyze and visualize data should not be hard or need any specific team with knowledge on scaling machines, among others. This […]

We are at IoT Solutions World Congress next week

IoT Solution World Congress 2016 starts next week, starting on Tuesday 25th of October until 27th of October. The night before, on Monday at 7pm, there’s also the awesome IoT Stars that thethings.iO is proudly sponsoring. At thethings.iO we are very excited about participating at the 2nd edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress event […]

3 reasons to use thethings.iO IoT platform

Every company that wants to be successful in the Internet of Things realm have a lot to do. One of the most crucial part is the IoT platform. Some of the key questions when building an IoT product are: Should I build my own IOT platform? should I use an IaaS as an IoT platform? […]

How to visualize your SCADA diagram at thethings.iO in 3 steps

Imagine you have a number of different Internet-connected devices that fit together within one system. This could be a plant with humidity, light and pH sensors or, on a larger scale, a connected home system with numerous connected devices or a factory where you can monitor and control the valves, faucets, among others. The possibilities are endless, but […]

Create an App and IoT dashboard with thethings.iO

Most of the Internet of Things devices bring applications with them. Most of the user experience behind these device live at the mobile applications or websites precisely designed to manage, control and interact with the connected thing. At thethings.iO we know what that means and that’s the reason why you can manage all of your […]

Custom Brand with thethings.iO: the white label IoT platform

Here at thethings.iO we want to give you an easy and flexible way to improve your business through the Internet of Things. That is why, in addition to all of our IoT platform services and features, we provide customizable dashboards for you and your customers that you can alter to fit your specific brand (with logos […]

The new thethings.iO design & experience

As entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said: “Things do not get better by chance, they get better by change.” This is especially true in the world of technology, where nothing stays the same for long. Today, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to give the world better and faster […]

GlobalRider: Traveling the world with a connected motorbike

Ever dream of traveling the world? Of venturing off to far places that you’ve never been before? Hugo Scagnetti of Telefonica has, and he will do it with a connected motorbike in 80 days, but his reason why may surprise you. After suffering a major leg injury two years ago from avascular necrosis, Scagnetti vowed that if […]