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Alternative to Parse IoT: meet thethings.iO

This morning at thethings.iO we woke up to the surprising announcement that Parse, the cloud app platform, will be fully retired within the next year (January 28th, 2017). As you may know, this means its customers and users will need to migrate their applications and hardware to other services, such as the ones we offer at thethings.iO IoT […]

Quick Guide to Cloud Code

As you know, Internet of Things is the next big thing. Considered the fourth biggest revolution (as important as the industrial and the Internet ones), all the machines connected to the Internet are saving huge amounts of data. But data on its own form does not matter. What is really important is the information we can get […]

Firmware Upgrade Step by Step

Firmware upgrade Over-the-Air At thethings.iO, we take care of all the Internet of Things workflow. One of the most important parts is the firmware that runs on the hardware. Upgrading the firmware through OTA PUSH is needed in all the use cases related with the Internet of Things. thethings.iO IoT platform offers OTA (over-the-air) firmware […]

Keep IoT Simple, Stupid!

Innovation brings enthusiasm when you are making a product. Launching a connected device is hard and expensive. 2015 has been amazing at thethings.iO; we worked together with great projects and awesome people. The most valuable thing we discovered is that things must be more simple, from the UX to the most technological part of the projects. Inspired […]

Introducing the new thethings.iO

Ch-ch-ch-changes… It is as they say: the only constant in life is change. This is true in the technologized world we live in, and it is even more true when running a startup. If you want to change the world, you better listen to how the world wants to be changed. And as we’re on […]

Analytics for Sigfox: meet thethings.iO

If you are an Internet of Things enthusiast, you must know Sigfox. In case you don’t, keep reading. Nevertheless, this post is not only about the incredible things you can make with Sigfox but also how you can integrate it with an IoT platform such as thethings.iO. What’s Sigfox? Sigfox is a cellular style telecom that […]

thethings.iO at October 2015

October means lots of things: it represents the definitive goodbye to the summer, the celebration of the Oktoberfest in Munich, or the arrival of a new season in the technological field. More events, more posts, more work… more thethings.iO! So what’s this October bringing to us? First of all, we want to express our sadness […]