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Track Anything Real-Time With thethings.iO Sigfox Location Tracker

The ability to track your assets real-time comes with many benefits. Location data enables an organization to derive valuable information that aids in the process of efficient decision making. In addition, it enables an organization to reduce operating costs while improving efficiency. Now thethings.iO can help you with this. The location data can be used […]

IoT model canvas by thethings.iO

After working on hundreds of IoT projects at thethings.iO, always there are common strategies and steps.  We truly believe on a lean approach for IoT, in order to reduce the time to market. That means, that we needed a document or a visual element to describe the IoT project value proposition, the hardware, the payloads, […]

Webinar – Connect Sigfox and Spot’it Sigfox Atlas service with thethings.iO IoT platform

Last week, we celebrated our monthly webinar. We described what is Sigfox technology and their newest IoT geolocation service, called Atlas (formerly Spot’it) connected to thethings.iO. Geolocation is a really interesting feature in several IoT verticals. Understand where is an asset, a car, a package or people is priceless in specific moments where there is […]

Uplink and downlink Sigfox communication with thethings.iO

Bidirectional communication sometimes it’s relevant on the Internet of Things field. In some LPWAN protocols it’s complex to have bidirectional communication. With Sigfox and thethings.iO it’s really easy to set up bidirectional communication, that is called downlink. On today’s post, we are going to connect a Sigfox device with the Sigfox backend in order to […]

Looking for partners for the best IoT platform

At thethings.iO we are growing worldwide, from New Zealand to Canada, passing through Argentina or Ireland, companies need to connect things all around the world. This is the reason why we are looking for businesses, integrators and consultancies to refer, resell, and implement thethings.iO as an IoT software solution locally. Currently, thethings.iO partners are businesses […]

Connect mcThings with thethings.iO IoT platform

Hardware is one of the most important part of the connected products actually. During the prototyping phase it’s important to have great hardware running your use case. We found that mcthings it’s a great hardware platform to build prototypes and real hardware on the top. If you are developing a project in United States, Latam […]