VentureBeat features thethings.iO as the Amazon Web Services for the IoT!

We are SO excited to share one of VentureBeat‘s most recent posts, featuring… thethings.iO as the Amazon Web Services for the Internet of Things!

VentureBeat featuring thethings.iO

VentureBeat featuring thethings.iO

Recently, we launched our free IoT cloud solution, including back-end support for the cloud solution, a customizable front-end user interface, analytical tools, and guaranteed interoperability.

Additionally, we are are offering more extensive services through our premium memberships for developers and IoT companies seeking unlimited connections for their things. While most IoT companies providing supporting services to developers offer most of these services, VentureBeat has noted how our commitment to providing interoperability is such an important distinguishing factor that is sure to be hard to compete with. Make sure to check out the article and stay tuned for more exciting posts from thethings.io on what’s new in the world of IoT technology!