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thethings.iO Top Picks from CES 2015

Every January, techies from around the world flock to Vegas for CES, the Consumer Electronic Show, to show off their latest innovations and catch a glimpse of the newest technology. CES 2015 was the largest in the event’s history, with more than 3,600 exhibitors– many of which were startups flaunting the latest IoT gadgets.

CES 2015

CES 2015

As we can see from CES 2015, the world of technology is constantly growing, and here at thethings.iO we know that it is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to keep up. We offer back-end support for your cloud solution, a customizable front-end user interface, analytical tools, interoperability, and guaranteed protection of the customer’s data, so developers can focus on what they do best: building cool things. Take a look at some of our favorite CES 2015 IoT launches, and learn about some of the things we would LOVE to connect to the Internet!

Blossom: Smart Sprinklers and Watering Controller


According to Bill Gates, farming is going to be one of four areas to undergo the most innovation over the course of the next fifteen years. While Blossom technology is intended to replace your lawn’s sprinklers, we love how this startup has utilized IoT technology in their approach to solving the issue of inefficient water usage- a matter of increasing concern with respect to agriculture. Not to mention, the savings earned from cutting back on your water bill!

Skulpt: Revolutionary Fitness Tracker

Normally it is very difficult to get an accurate assessment of your overall body fat percentage. Preexisting tools include skinfold calipers, bio-electric impedance analysis, and hydrostatic (underwater) weighing, and there are significant limitations specific to each device that make it difficult to gather reliable information. But Skulpt’s IoT technology has made fitness tracking easy and accessible so anyone can track their progress and gather an understanding of their overall fitness level.

Wocket: Smart Wallet

While there is still much debate regarding the effectiveness of IoT data security, theThings.IO knows the benefits of storing information using a protected back-end solution. Wocket uses biometric and patent pending technologies to consolidate all of your card information while ensuring you are the only one with to access your WocketCard.

Sengled’s Pulse Solo Bulbs (LED + Wireless speaker)


The Internet of Things should make our lives easier by providing new conveniences that otherwise would be unavailable. Now, thanks to Sengled, whether you are lying on your couch reading a book, throwing a party, or getting ready for bed, you can effortlessly manage the mood of the room from a single app. While there are other great IoT technologies that enable you to control the lighting and music from your smart phone or tablet, none of them have made it as easy as screwing in a single light bulb.

Breeze: Wireless Smartphone Breathalyzer

After a few too many drinks, it’s not always easy to make the right decision. But Breeze uses IoT technology to make safety sexy by not only helping you understand your level of intoxication, but when you will sober up and how you can get home in one piece. Not to mention, if you have a mean case of the drunchies (drunk munchies) the Breathalyzer app will find you the nearest places to get some food!

Smokio: The First Smart Wireless Vaporizor Designed to Help Smokers Quit

One of the great things about IoT technology is it helps users to access relevant information in real time. With Smokio users can set individualized milestones, and track their progress in realtime so that they can quit at their own pace.

Petnet: Smart Pet Feeder


Until now, you have been the full-scale cloud solution that stores all of the information regarding all of your pets’ needs. Sure, you may have a reminder in your phone to “Feed Spike” at 8:00, but ultimately it has been your job to remember when and how much to feed your four-legged friend. Petnet has changed the game by offering an IoT pet feeder to ensure your pet’s dietary needs are met.

Lilypad: The First Smart WiFi Pool Thermometer and UV Sensor


On a hot summer’s day, nothing is better than soaking up some sun and taking a refreshing dip in the pool; and nothing is worse than your sunburn the day after. Lilypad’s technology has sought to eliminate the summertime routine of slathering aloe on your sensitive skin by creating a pool device with a thermometer and UV sensor so you know when it is safest to dive in. As climate control becomes of increasing concern, it will be interesting to see what other IoT innovations emerge as a result.

Connected Cycle: Smart Pedals


Here at theThings.IO we believe Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedals utilize the Interet of Things to generate a simple solution to an increasingly problematic situation: bike theft. The pedals generate their own energy and internet connection so everytime your bike is moved, the pedals’ instant locating capability is engaged and the data is collected so you can see how you ride, or where someone else has taken off to with your bike.

Deeper: Portable, Wireless Fish Finder

One thing we at theThings.IO loves about about building and modifying API solutions is having the ability to connect things that may otherwise never be able to interact, in order to create an experience or provide information that would normally be inaccessible to the user. This is why we think Deeper is so cool! Deeper uses technology to connect fishermen, kayakers, and scuba divers to depths and temperatures they can’t personally see or feel so they can learn about their surrounding conditions in real-time and get the job done in a safer and more efficient manner than ever before.

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