GlobalRider: Traveling the world with a connected motorbike

Ever dream of traveling the world? Of venturing off to far places that you’ve never been before? Hugo Scagnetti of Telefonica has, and he will do it with a connected motorbike in 80 days, but his reason why may surprise you.


After suffering a major leg injury two years ago from avascular necrosis, Scagnetti vowed that if he was ever able to walk without crutches again, he would navigate the globe with his motorbike. The sole motive of his expedition? To raise funds for the research of stem cells, focused on the regeneration of tissues in children.

After years of recovery, the time finally came for Hugo to make good on his promise. He departed from the Headquarters of Telefonica in Madrid, Spain on May 27th 2016 riding the world’s first “connected” motorcycle. The bike is equipped with Internet connectivity (GPRS and 3G) and sensors that can provide information about Hugo’s trip in real time.


How is this bike connected to the Internet you might ask? Using thethings.iO of course! At thethings.iO, we gather data from the sensors on Hugo’s motorcycle and display information including his position, velocity, altitude, temperature and much more right as it is happening! All these stats are displayed on a dashboard that is easy to read and can be accessed by any Internet surfing device.


This project fuses the world of adventure with the world of technology, giving anyone the chance to travel the world. Whether you’re crossing the continents by motorbike or staying in one place, you can connect all your devices to the Internet using thethings.iO.

Want to follow Hugo as he travels around the globe? You can find out his current, past and future locations, along with all of the environmental measures on the Telefonica website.