Custom Brand with thethings.iO: the white label IoT platform

Here at thethings.iO we want to give you an easy and flexible way to improve your business through the Internet of Things. That is why, in addition to all of our IoT platform services and features, we provide customizable dashboards for you and your customers that you can alter to fit your specific brand (with logos and URLs).

Why customize?

By employing customization, you get the benefits of thethings.iO IoT platform and user-friendly experience, all while maintaining the focus on your product. You can add your own logo and pictures on thethings.iO web interface to make it a site that looks all your own! So when it comes time to share your data with clients, third party companies and customers, they only see your company name instead of thethings.iO. It’s all about the experience.

This modifiable interface and customizable dashboards also saves you the time and money of designing your own IoT platform. Creating a server from scratch requires a team of experts and many resources that could be better used to help grow your business. Not to mention all the troubleshooting and research that goes along with development. Why reinvent the wheel when thethings.iO already provides highly functioning and user-friendly connectability for all your things? We want to simplify the Internet of Things.

By personalizing thethings.iO, the emphasis stays on you. You get all the advantages of having your own IoT platform without actually having to create one, and for a flexible price! If you sell more you pay more; what could be better than that?

Custom branded IoT platform

Custom branded IoT platform

Want to customize yours?

Send us an email at to start customizing your account now at thethings.iO. We are the simplest IoT platform on the market.