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Wearable’s have become a hot topic among the Internet of Things tech enthusiasts. As the launch of the Apple Watch approaches, smart watches in particular have been weighing on everyone’s minds.


The various Apple Watch products will provide the opportunity for users to access most of the information that exists on their iPhone from their wrists. Everything from fitness tracking to checking your calendar, the Apple Watch will offer an impressive plethora of functions. In the meantime though, thethings.iO is excited to share some of our favorites, more affordable wearable’s on the market today: the Pebble watch, Motorola’s Moto 360, and Withings’ Activité Pop.

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Pebble was never intended to be a wearable; The goal of creating the Pebble watch was to introduce a means of receiving one’s most important notifications, without the hassle of accessing them through the apps on their phone.

Forbes has described the Pebble watch as being “… the most adaptable watch for most wrists and lifestyles.”  Users may access a number of useful apps and download them to their Pebble watch in order to customize and control certain functions of their phone as well as receive timely notifications. Additionally, the Pebble watch has other such functions as music controllability, full fitness tracking capability, and GPS; and for developers the option also exists to create their own apps for their Pebble watch.

Thethings.io thinks the Pebble watch really is “a damn good watch.” Its simplistic black and white digital display cannot compare with the interfaces of some of the more interactive screens we see with other smart watches.

Motorola’s Moto 360:

For all of our Android lovers, the Moto 360 seems to be the most attractive overall package in terms of the way its appearance and features have been packaged.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 16.56.23


Its stainless steel case, leather band, and its round frame in particular, give the Moto 360 the timeless look and feel of a classic watch. In addition to its appearance, the Moto 360 has unique features including voice control and a dock that enables the watch to function as a stationary clock while it charges.

Withings: Activité Pop



Last but certainly not least on our list of favorite wearables, is the Withings Activité Pop.  It comes in three colors with interchangeable wristbands, and Its main features include activity and sleep tracking, so whether you are walking, running, or swimming, the Activité Popcan can track and record your exercise; and then sync with the Withings Health Mate app to track and analyze your daily fitness and sleep patterns. The battery life of this watch will last 8 months before it will need a battery replacement.

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