thethings.iO on Forbes!

Forbes website talked about thethings.iO as one of the easiest IoT platforms that connects devices with the cloud

A few weeks ago we had made a post about how excited we were about being featured in VenturesBeat. If you’d like to see this article feel free to click here.

However, today we are thrilled to announce something a bit larger, last week appeared in Forbes!

thethings.iO on Forbes

Barcelona-based thethings.iO is the latest entrant into the IoT cloud market. It proclaims to be the “Amazon Web Services (AWS) for IoT companies”. Though it seems to be yet another backend with ingestion API and real-time analytics support, the key differentiating factor is in its interoperability. thethings.iO is one the few platforms to expose both REST and CoAP APIs.Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a protocol designed to be used in low-powered devices to allow them to communicate over the Internet. It is targeted at sensors, switches, valves, and actuators that are controlled remotely via standard Internet networks. Both REST and CoAP follow the same pattern of using HTTP verbs. thethings.iO uses CoAP to perform operations like activation, reading, writing and subscribing to sensors and channels. After completing the sign-up process, developers can grab an activation code to start pushing the sensor data to the platform. The node.js SDK is available on github.

Thethings.iO appeared next to some other awesome IoT startups from around the world, such as Konekt, TempoIQ, SensorCloud, Xively, Temboo and PubNub. But what makes us different from other IoT startups? The main factor is our interoperability. is capable to expose REST, MQTT and CoAP APIs, which allows different kinds of devices to use cases to communicate over the Internet. Forbes’ article sums up all of this in their article, so make sure to check the whole piece out.

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Oktoberfest of Things – #IoTFriday

Welcometo IoTFriday at thethings.iO. This weekend Oktoberfest will be taking place in Munich. For those of you who have never been, it’s a huge, gorgeous party with lots of food and beer. We get the opportunity to co-organize the 3rd edition of the Oktoberfest of Things hackathon. The main goal is to connect Oktoberfest beers to the Internet.

Today at the IoTFriday I’m going to talk about the Oktoberfest of Things and how to connect beers to the Internet.

Oktoberfest of Things whiteboard

Oktoberfest of Things whiteboard

At thethings.iO, we would love to see your projects working with our cloud platform. Feel free to send us your ideas and we will do what we can to help make them real!

Oktoberfest of Things IoTFriday

Oktoberfest of Things IoTFriday

DISCLAIMER: Be careful and don’t mix alcohol with the Internet of Things.

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Interesting Videos on the Internet of Things

Due to the Gigaom #mobilizeconf, we were able to view some mind blowing things regarding the Internet of Things. Here are some of our favorite videos we have seen to date.

The first video is a panel session at the Gigaom Structure Europe 2013 managed by Alexandra Deschamps from the Good Night Lamp with Alicia Asín from Libelium and Michael Simon from Xively.

The second video is a panel from the conference Gigaom Mobilize. Surj Patel from Smart Mocha managed the panel with Michael Rosenblatt from ATOMS express and Hugo Fiennes from electric imp

Both videos are saying that the Internet of Things will be here sooner then we think and that the pioneers of the devices actually will come from everyday people in their basements instead of a massive corporation.

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