How the Internet of Things will change our houses

How IoT will change our houses

How IoT will change our houses

“Home, sweInternet-of-Things home”. Yes, IoT will be in your house too. Imagine yourself arriving from work. You lock your car just by touching your smartphone. Automatically, you can also open your house’ front door. You are in, and then, looking at your own smartphone, you can know exactly the temperature, humidity… there is in the house. And what about turning your lights on with just one click? Let’s talk about some of those opportunities that new homes will bring us…

Saving energy

As we have said and repeated lots of times, most IoT help us saving energy. Using a new system of connected, for example, lights, you can customize and adapt them depending on your needs at any time. Check Ledmotive, one of thethings.iO customer, and you will realise what we are talking about.

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Light plays Music under the Sea in the Sónar Festival with thethings.iO

The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest

The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest

Every June, Barcelona feels the beats of the Sónar, the Electronic and Experimental Music Festival.

If two years ago, at thethings.iO we were connecting an IKEA sofa to the Internet to allow everyone to feel the music of the Festival, this time we are collaborating in another project called Citclops. The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest, thanks to the Program STARTS organized by the European Commission, about the innovation and creativity in the technological and scientific field.

The “Musical Tentacle” is a project to sonify and artistically express scientific data used to measure the transparency of the sea water through the real-time broker of thethings.iO.


It only needs a buoy, a KdUINO (a low-cost Arduino), a water-resistant box and thethings.iO. The box fits a basic open-source electronics prototyping platform and communications payload. Buoy’ sensors, which measure the light in the water, are connected via cable to the box. The data generated is real-time transported to thethings.iO and accessible by using a mobile device because of the capability of connecting it to the buoy.

Musical Tentacle offers a unique opportunity to audio-visually experience variations in the transparency of our seas. Are you going to miss the chance to live it for yourself?

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thethings.iO interviewed at the Tech Lounge MWC15

Last March, as you might know, the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona. In that congress, Marc Pous, thethings.iO CEO was interviewed at the Intel TechLounge leaded by Sascha Pallenberg. Do you want to see it? Watch the following video:

Most Internet of Things companies do both hardware and software, so they have a lot of work reinventing the wheel. What would happen if each company focus on what they do best? thethings.iO brings to IoT companies a real-time cloud solution, allowing them to make just hardware. So they build the things, and then, thethings.iO connects them to the Internet.

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thethings.iO at the IoT Hackathon Lisbon 2015

IoT Week 2015 Lisbon

Tomorrow June 16th starts at Lisboa Congress Centre (CCL) the IoT Hackathon Lisbon, in which The IoT cloud solution is on of the sponsors! Some of its promoters are UNINOVA, FCT-UNL (both Technological universities from Portugal), Zolertia and the IoT-Forum.

The hackathon will last two days and will gather students from the most renowned tech Universities from Portugal and also Europe, as well as professionals from IoT-related labs from the Portuguese and European Industry, SMEs and other academies/institutes. And what is it about? In the IoT Hackathon, teams will develop a prototype of an IoT solution in just 48 hours and then, June 18th the solutions will be evaluated by a group of notables from the IoT world. The award ceremony will take place that same day within the scope of the IoT Week 2015 Lisbon.

The main idea of this Hackathon is to create a new solution that fits into the Internet of Things’ contest. We encourage the participants at the IoT Hackthon to use thethings.iO to connect their things to the Internet. Feel free to create a free account at thethings.iO and find code of Arduino connected at thethings.iO here and more at thethings.iO github account.

IoT hackathon

IoT hackathon

The outstanding media coverage will make the teams the spotlight of the event, which will also gather the most important stakeholders and professionals of the IoT domain, who will take part in the Hackathon.

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Diari ARA: “Towards to a house without secrets?”

Marc Pous, thethings.iO CEO, talks about the Internet of Things scenario at Diari ARA

Towards to a house without secrets?

Last Sunday, 7th June 2015, the catalan newspaper Diari ARA published an interesting article about how Internet of Things is going to change our way of living. It was written by Gina Tost and Xavier Vidal, but it count on the participation of characters such as Luis Corrons (PandaLabs technical director), David Dueñas (sociologist) and thethings.iO CEO, Marc Pous.

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Telefonica and thethings.iO partnership

We are pleased to announce to you that thethings.iO and Telefonica are now official partners, as you can see by clicking here.

Our new partners define us as “the Internet of Things cloud solution”. Take a look for yourself:

Telefonica & thethings.iO partnership

“Companies developing new hardware things currently have a lot to do – design, prototype, and manufacture the thing, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch.

thethings.iO makes a back-end for IoT—allowing companies to focus more on the product and less on the database. Think of it like AWS especially for IoT. thethings.iO frees up hardware companies to focus on what they do best: build awesome new things.

thethings.iO charges 1€ per thing per year ($1,15) for full access to the back-end, analytics, and interoperability features. Our customers pay 2,000€ in licenses up-front when we start the collaboration.”


We are grateful to have partnered with such a powerful company as Telefonica and would also want to thank Wayra and Open futures for this amazing opportunity.


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How Internet of Things Will Change Your Workplace

Connected workplace

Connected workplace.

Imagine your workplace becoming what we call a “connected workplace.” In this “connected workplace,” your technologies will be connected on the internet and you will be simply be able to share information from one colleague to another in offices around the world. Through this is very possible. We enable companies to connect future office devices to the internet, quicker, easier, and for a fraction of the cost.

We want to explain a few key points in which will help you further understand the offices of the future:

  • Connected access. For example, you enter your workplace and you check in with a personalized ID card. The requirement to use an ID to enter the building creates a more safe and secure environment. In addition, if there are any questionable incidences that occur, emergency services are contacted automatically.

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How Internet of Things will change our cities and mobility

Connected City

Connected City

Today we’re going to give you some interesting ways IoT will change our lives in the near future. According to Gartner statistics, by 2020 about 26 billion devices will be connected to the Internet and thething.iO is here to help companies quickly introduce the internet-connected devices into our everyday lives. Be ready to see a vast change in areas such our cities and transportation.

Your city

As stated by the European Comission, the term “Smart City” is a place where the traditional networks and service are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies, for the benefit of its inhabitants and businesses.

For Example:

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