How Internet of Things Will Change Your Workplace

Connected workplace

Connected workplace.

Imagine your workplace becoming what we call a “connected workplace.” In this “connected workplace,” your technologies will be connected on the internet and you will be simply be able to share information from one colleague to another in offices around the world. Through thethings.io this is very possible. We enable companies to connect future office devices to the internet, quicker, easier, and for a fraction of the cost.

We want to explain a few key points in which will help you further understand the offices of the future:

  • Connected access. For example, you enter your workplace and you check in with a personalized ID card. The requirement to use an ID to enter the building creates a more safe and secure environment. In addition, if there are any questionable incidences that occur, emergency services are contacted automatically.


  • Connected environment. Do you ever feel as if your meetings last too long or are unproductive? There are devices that help you deal with that. They allow you to send fun messages to people in the room telling them that the meeting is over. They also measure the air quality and loudness of the room.
  • Interconnected Things. With things becoming connected, this will generate a flood of data. In other words, information generated in the office will be easily accessible and easy to process. Data entry becomes a way to boost productivity by allowing your colleagues in different headquarters and time zones around the world to successfully access data.
Connected meeting room

Connected meeting room

If you don’t find that useful, there’s more: Thermostats and lights can be connected on the internet and will allow you to save energy and money by adjusting each digitally. If you are someone who is always losing things or simply want to track everything in real time, with thethings.io, you will be able to know precisely where your things are at any given time.

Mani Zarrehparvar, president of Visage, said:

“I’m imagining I walk out of my front door with my device. My device locks the door behind me. It starts my car. It pays for my coffee at Starbucks. It knows that when I get in my car and I say I’m going to Starbucks, it has my order waiting for me when I get there. It recognizes that I’m late for a meeting and changes my meeting because it knows – by my location – that I’m not going to be at the office in time to be there for my video conference meeting and it changes it to a voice call”.

What is obvious is that IoT is the new revolution in our society. It will change not only your car, but other fields as well such as your house, your city and just about every aspect of your life.

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