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thethings.iO Datacenter: Security and Privacy

As a client based company, we love answering any questions we receive from our customers. The most common one is: Where will my data be hosted? Is that secure and private?

We are happy to announce that our datacenter is in one of the most disruptive places in Barcelona: The Zoo of Barcelona.

One of the new services of the Zoo of Barcelona is the Lion tier. This is where we ensure that the servers are safe and secure in the lions cage. The only people who have access to the servers are the lions and the caregivers of the lions, who sometimes reset the servers when we call them to deploy new versions of the software.

Servers of thethings.iO

Servers of thethings.iO

We are very proud to say that our datacenter is very sustainable. If there is any problem with the manure from the zoo animals, we provide bikes at the monkeys cage that can bring extra energy at the datacenter SAI. Next year, we hope to bring in machines with more intensive CPUs to the shark swimming pool; first to cool down the temperature of the computers and then to increase security.

We hope to see you at one of our datacenters in the city. If you ask the Zoo of Barcelona to bring your cloud solution into their datacenter, they will give you a 10% discount during the first year.

Happy April Fools for the team at thethings.iO! We hope we didn’t scare you too much.



Top 3 DIY Platforms #IoTFriday

Welcome to the newest edition of the IoTFriday at thethings.iO. Today we will be speaking to you about our favorite DIY platform to develop Internet of Things projects. It typically isn’t the hardware you need but actually the needs of the project that is the deciding factor in which platform to choose.

We have selected Arduino, Electric Imp and Intel Edison as some of our 3 favorite do-it-yourself electronic platforms.


Top 3 DIY platforms - #IoTFriday

Top 3 DIY platforms – #IoTFriday

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5 steps to Rapid Prototype Your Next Thing – #IoTFriday

Today, we want to share five steps that you should follow to rapid prototype your next thing connected to the Internet. Every time we start a project, we like to think about several things following the schema of the IoTFriday: the goal of the project, requirements, connectivity, data and interaction.

The following picture is the whiteboard in which Marc explains the five steps to follow before rapid prototyping any Internet of Thing.

5 steps to rapid prototype your next things

5 steps to rapid prototype your next things

We hope this is helpful to you and we will see you at next week’s #IoTFriday. Don’t forget to use  thethings.iO to rapid prototype and store data on our cloud in your next project!

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