Retail digital transformation in Covid Times

Right now, a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has presented companies with a sudden paradigm shift in which digital transformation has experienced exponential growth and technology plays an even more fundamental role in managing this complex context. The technology companies also have to serve to give us solutions to struggle against Covid.

There are solutions that allow us to understand the progression of mobility applied both to this sector and to those in which customer service or points of sale are essential, whether they are bank branches, service stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, distribution chains or department stores. 

The information offered helps the client, for example, to adapt the product offer because he knows the profile of the people who pass through his space, stop at the window and enter. That is, you could tailor the storefront offering to the interests of your target audience (for example, women ages 30-45)…

Furthermore, with this solution, the companies will not only understand the new mobility patterns of the users, but will also compare that mobility and the behavior of potential clients in different periods of time: during and in the current stage after Covid-19 or in the new normal to be able to change their strategy and be able to control the capacity in their stores or spaces.