3 reasons to use thethings.iO IoT platform

Every company that wants to be successful in the Internet of Things realm have a lot to do. One of the most crucial part is the IoT platform. Some of the key questions when building an IoT product are: Should I build my own IOT platform? should I use an IaaS as an IoT platform? or should I work with an existing IoT platform ready to go?

thethings.iO IoT platform

thethings.iO IoT platform

The answer is, don’t reinvent the wheel and keep IoT simple! We strongly recommend to use an existing IoT platform. At thethings.iO, we will be very happy to listen about your IoT use case or project and showcase you how does it look a tailored IoT platform for your product and customers with thethings.iO technology. And the most important part, making your life much easier for less!

Here find the main 3 reasons to use thethings.iO as the IoT platform our your connected product, if you are building an Internet of Things product.

IoT platform

IoT platform

1) The IoT platform working from the very first minute

thethings.iO IoT platform is the simplest IoT platform in the market. We know that launching a connected product is hard but it should not be complex to store data, monitor the data with flexible IoT dashboards and analyze the data from your devices and customers.

thethings.iO is a complete IoT platform solution that works literally in minutes. By working with thethings.iO, we save your time building your own IoT platform and maintaining it, with a fix cost. At thethings.iO we offer scalability, flexibility and security since you connect your first pilot until your production product is scaling to millions.

IoT Dashboards

IoT Dashboards

2) Customizable IoT dashboards

At thethings.iO, our customers and users can access to the data from any sensor, anytime anywhere. Historical data or real-time streams are pushed to thethings.iO panel. With unlimited API requests and data storage included, thethings.iO provides beautiful historical charts and real-time charts that you need to monitor and control your products.

thething.iO provides customizable and flexible dashboards to our customers. The IoT dashboards enable customers to visualize insights from the Big Data, we provide aggregations and KPIs, revealing trends or even detecting anomalies. Some of the features most used are the predictive maintenance, assets management or understanding the final customers usage of the connected products (churn, ROI, etc).

All of these data showed with a flexible dashboard and amazing widgets under the brand of our customers (logos, colors and URLs) makes thethings.iO one of the mot flexible and beautiful IoT platform in the market.

IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics

3)Cloud Code ready with deep analytics

As we are working with massive amount of data from the devices connected to thethings.iO, we have built a tool with enough flexibility to apply Big Data and Analytics algorithms on the top of the data in real-time or every some time (hours, days, etc), this is Cloud Code.

At thethings.iO Cloud Code feature you can work oriented to events with Triggers and get real-time alerts every time that any of your things send data. Configurable in just few clicks on or enjoying the power to code all what you need, thethings.iO offers this flexibility to non-technical managers or developers. The main goal of triggers is to get an instant alert when special conditions appears (e.g. temperature is too low, device is our of a virtual fence, button is pushed, among other).

The cloud code also offers Jobs which are algorithms executed every hour or every day. The aim of Jobs are providing a such powerful tool that enable technical people to aggregate data, summarizing the data, revealing trends, and detecting anomalies through Big Data algorithms such as predictive maintenance or artificial intelligence algorithms.

thethings.iO is ready to rock

Today thethings.iO is an IoT platform company operating on several verticals of the Internet of Things with a lot of experience on the industry, logistics and connected home use cases. We have close relationship with engineering companies, telcos and app developers to understand how to build end-to-end solutions.

All in one, thethings.iO IoT platform is the right place for every company seeking the best IoT platform and IoT dashboards to use with their networked products. Our main goal is to build the most simple IoT platform, so thethings.iO IoT platform is very easy and intuitive to use, and technical support is always available. You get your things connected quickly and easy with most of the IoT protocols such as HTTP, MQTT, CoAP, ModBus and Websockets.

So, why wait? There are a lot of advantages of a state of the art IoT platform waiting for you at thethings.iO.