Telefonica and thethings.iO partnership

We are pleased to announce to you that thethings.iO and Telefonica are now official partners, as you can see by clicking here.

Our new partners define us as “the Internet of Things cloud solution”. Take a look for yourself:

Telefonica & thethings.iO partnership

“Companies developing new hardware things currently have a lot to do – design, prototype, and manufacture the thing, build the app, and develop the cloud platform to store the data, all from scratch.

thethings.iO makes a back-end for IoT—allowing companies to focus more on the product and less on the database. Think of it like AWS especially for IoT. thethings.iO frees up hardware companies to focus on what they do best: build awesome new things.

thethings.iO charges 1€ per thing per year ($1,15) for full access to the back-end, analytics, and interoperability features. Our customers pay 2,000€ in licenses up-front when we start the collaboration.”


We are grateful to have partnered with such a powerful company as Telefonica and would also want to thank Wayra and Open futures for this amazing opportunity.


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