thethings.iO Appeared on Expansion Newspaper

Some days ago, thethings.iO appeared on the Expansion newspaper on wearables and Internet of Things article. The article is called “T-Shirts that saves lifes: these startups are going to change the world“.

Fragment of the Expansion article

Fragment of the Expansion article

On this article, startups such as FirstV1sion who are also at Wayra Barcelona and Nuubo. We were interviewed by an Expansion journalist. This is a partially translation of the Expansion’s article:

The next big thing
By the year 2016 the wearables will suppose a market of 6 billion of dollars. Here you can include professional devices and massive market gadgets. “We are still on the beginning. It’s hard to imagine how many things we are going to have, in some years, thanks of the wearables technologies.” mentions Marc Pous, founder of theThings.IO, a startup that develops software to interconnect several wearables. “We integrate APIs from dozens of vendors,” specifies Pous.

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theThings.IO is a Wayra startup

We are very excited to announce that thethings.iO has been selected as winners of the Wayra Weekend at Barcelona last week on the 23 of June.



After our efforts to be accelerated at Wayra Munich in the past year, we were selected among more than 600 startups to be accelerated at Wayra Barcelona for the next 6 months.

Following some month of intensive development and meetings, we are ready to take the first accelerated step down our road ahead of us. Our mission is to help Internet of Tings companies and users to improve their Internet of Things experience, and we plan to make that happen with Wayra and Telefonica.

Since the end of July, we moved into the Telefonica Tower located in Barcelona to work out of the Wayra headquarters. Lets introduce the team from left to right: Jose Manuel is our CTO Maverick, Martí our Data scientist, Marc is our CEO and IoT Advocate, Adrià is our SysOps Robot and Andrés is our Maker in Residence.


theThings.IO team

theThings.IO team

Also checkout our startup for a quick synopsis of what we do here at thethings.iO

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thethings.iO at the X Seedrocket Campus in Madrid

Last week our founder, Marc Paus, was presenting thethings.iO at the X Campus of the SeedRocket. Thethings.iO was one of the nine startups selected among 220 companies that applied for the SeedRocket accelerator program.


Marc pitching at the SeedRocket investors during the Demo Day

Marc pitching at the SeedRocket investors during the Demo Day.

Among all the accelerator programs that exist today in Spain, SeedRocket is one of the oldest and best in existence. Made by investors that have their own internet companies, they were the first ones to advise the new entrepreneurs that were attending the SeedRocket Campus.

Although we weren’t able to pass the selection process, it was worth it to attend the event and get a lot of good advise from successful Spanish businesses. However, we didn’t spend all of our time conducting business, we were able to visit Makespace Madrid and the MediaLab Prado.

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Jam Packed Week at thethings.iO

Last week was an interesting one here in Barcelona.

We started with the Internet of Things Barcelona meetup, which was one of the biggest, with over 85 attendants at the venue. Some of the discussions included Jiri of Claro Partners, Telefonica presenting their Thinking Things, Alicia Asín introducing Libelium and Adam Dunkels showcasing his Thingsquare last novelty (in a live demo). It was also awesome to meet Hugo Fiennes from Electric Imp and hear some of his experiences on the Internet of Things field.

On Tuesday Marc went to the radio, he went to RAC1 to talk about the Internet of Things. Checkout the podcast

On Friday Marc was invited to the IoT tapas organized by Claro Partners. It was one of the best brainstorms related to the Internet of Things we’ve ever attended. We have continued the development of our beta website and look forward on showing it off soon enough.

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Sonar+D: One Seat Away Project

Today is the day, thethings.IO will be at Sonar+D presenting its new project, One Seat Away, in collaboration with Simone Rebaudengo, Ken Frederick, Daniel Kluge and Marc Pous.

The One Seat Away project at Sonar+D

The One Seat Away project at Sonar+D

What is One Seat Away

One Seat Away is an artistic project that aims at the exploration of the relationship between the rhythms of a musical performance and the hidden rhythms of a city such as Barcelona. The rhythm of a musical performance is typically measured in BPM (beats per minute), an easily detected value. However, within an urban space, there are multiple ways to define rhythm. There is a physical layer of people, noise, temperature, bikes shared systems. Then there is a virtual layer of activity in a city such as Foursquare check-ins, Facebook likes, Instagram pictures, Tweets among others, that remain mostly “hidden”. Their value reveals another side of how the rhythm of a city can be understood.

We will define the BPMs of the two environments and translate them into an experience that binds these two disparate contexts in real-time: bringing the rhythms of the festival into the city and the rhythm of the city into the festival.

The main goal of One Seat Away is to use connectivity and sensing to augment the sense of the urban space around us and merge it with music and rhythms as a way of experiencing data in a tangible way: something that one can feel and not necessarily have to understand in detail or rationally decode.

How does it work

The project will connect daily objects such as sofas and chairs to Internet. The sofas and chairs will receive the sensed data processed from the real-time Sónar music being played and converted into vibration. In the same way that one can feel music outside of an event without “hearing” it via vibrations of physical structures, we want people to feel and experience the rhythm without actually hearing it.


Internet of Things at CES and MWC 2013

After two days at the Mobile World Congress 2013 and reading about CES 2013 at Las Vegas, we strongly believe the Internet of Things will be big in 2013.

CES 2013 at Las Vegas

One of our companions from , had a booth set up and they caught several people’s interest due to their Kickstarter campaign.

The Good Night Lamp at CES 2013 (by todbot at Flickr)

The Good Night Lamp at CES 2013 (by todbot at Flickr)

Experts says that Quantified Self has been the guest star at CES 2013 because they create a lot of expectations with HAPIFork, Fitbit, Jawbone and Withing among other interesting companies.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 at Barcelona

In our opinion, the star of this conference was the Internet connected coffee machines. With an unclear use of companies defended the product saying that people do not want to wait to have coffee prepared when they go to the machine. A coffee takes thirty seconds to one minute to prepare through a machine.

The Cisco coffee machine connected to the Internet

The Cisco coffee machine connected to the Internet

The engineering solution for coffee machines were very intriguing.

On the other hand, the stackable pieces of plastic are ready to send the real-time information to the Telefonica cloud servers.

Thinking things by Telefonica I+D

Thinking things by Telefonica I+D

At the SMA Connected Cities booth, Jordi Corominas was presenting Ecooltra, an electric motorbike connected to the Internet. The system lets the users rent a motorbike using their mobile devices. Then, they could use NFC to start the motorbike at the Ecooltra parkings.

We were very excited to have this opportunity to join in on this conference. We hope that thethings.iO will help users improve the ability to interact with their Internet connected objects through our dashboard.

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What is thethings.iO?

Nowadays the Internet of Things is becoming the Internet of Walled Gardens. Most of the IoT projects are vertical solutions that cannot interoperate with other objects or projects. Kickstarter has accelerated this scenario, funding some awesome projects related with the Internet of Things and Quantified Self, nevertheless that has increased the silos existing in the current situation.

Technology experts and big companies do not have a clear idea about the real volume of the Internet of Things in the future, but they are confident that it will be big. That means that we will not be able to deal with one mobile application for each object connected to the Internet. All the things connected will have to have its own experience with the different vertical solutions.

thethings.iO is an horizontal solution built to create an interoperable Internet of Things scenario. Thethings.iO is a platform designed to extend the Web by providing access to real objects in the physical world. Our main goal is to let you manage, share and interact with any thing connected to the Internet anywhere, when you like.

Are you a manufacturer?

We want to make your products interoperable with other existing Internet-connected objects. We would like to offer the end-users the same experience interacting with all the objects and things that they own. And of course we want to give you an extra-value for sharing the access and information of your things. Contact us for more detailed information.

Are you a maker or a developer?

theThings.IO would allow you to create add value on the top of the Internet-connected objects compatible with our platform. I’m sure that you will be interested. theThings.IO is the hub in charge of handling all the communications and the requests to access and interact with them. Let us make the hard part!

theThings.IO for end users

Thethings.iO is built as a social network, seen as an interoperable platform that allows one to interact and  remotely manage their Internet-connected objects, such as Fitbit activity trackers, Withings scales or your Arduinos, among other within the same dashboard.

Learn how to connect Internet of Things and Quantified Self with thethings.iO, the new social network for your Internet-connected objects and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and be sure to check out our #IoTFriday blog!