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DNA of Things

The amount of data grows exponentially and being able to manage and store it is a challenge. The system called “DNA of things” designed by researchers Yaniv Erlich and Robert Grass allows large amounts of information to be stored in objects and faithfully reproduced in each copy. The starting point has been a nanoscale 3D […]

The Origin of IoT

The concept of IoT is generally summarized in that it is about turning everyday objects into sources of information that are connected to the network. But how and when did the IoT really emerge? The term has its origin at the end of the last century, specifically in 1999, when Kevin Ashton, director of Procter […]

HTTP with Quectel

In this post we will explain how to connect via HTTP to the Thethings.io platform through the Quectel M95. A high-performance and economical GSM / GPRS module, with which the Chinese manufacturer, Quectel, reduces the TTM (time to market) in addition to providing other connectivity options for IoT products. Step by Step tutorial For this […]

Partnership integration announcement

We are pleased to announce that we are starting 2021 strong and adding more and more features to the platform. In this case it is about integration with The Things Stack, a LoRaWAN platform that is actively maintained by The Things Industries. With this integration, IoT project developers will be able to create their projects […]

IoT in Livestock

One of the dilemmas we face today is sustainability in the food production system, both precision agriculture and the use of technology in livestock will be key to the objective of increasing the production of healthy foods with a minimum environmental impact. The main advantage of the IoT application in livestock is the improvement in […]

Smart Homes

The era of digitalization applied to smart homes and smart buildings allows, through the information collected, to make decisions and at the same time control remotely. This can offer you greater comfort and safety in your day to day. Whether it’s sensor lights that save you money on energy bills or security systems that you […]

UDP with ESP32-S2

In this post we will explain how to connect via UDP to the Thethings.io platform through ESP32-S2. A high-performance IoT module, with which the Chinese giant Espressif will try to reduce the TTM (time to market) of the new IoT products that are yet to come.   Step by Step tutorial First of all, check […]

Implement Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance

The benefits of predictive maintenance, such as helping determine the condition of equipment and predicting when maintenance is due, are extremely strategic. Together with the implementation of solutions based on Machine Learning, you can help even more and generate significant cost savings, greater predictability and greater system availability. Data is collected over time to monitor […]