Webinar IoT: Learn how to optimize, monitor, and analyse data with thethings.iO

thethings.iO IoT webinar

Today we recorded a webinar with our friends from BeMyApp about how to connect a device to the Internet. We tried to make a very hands-on workshop showcasing thethings.iO IoT platform. At the end, we demoed how to connect a Sigfox device or a WiFi device to each other, create a custom dashboard and build some business logics with Twilio and Twitter.

Nowadays everybody is talking about IoT and devices connected all around the world (connected cars, smart homes, industry 4.0, among other). During this workshop we are showcasing how to connect a device to the Internet (Arduino, Particle and Akery Sigfox device) with WiFi, Ethernet and Sigfox to the thethings.iO.

At thethings.iO we connect things, store real-time data, set up business logics on the top of the data and build dashboards to visualize these data.

Enjoy the webinar and start working with thethings.iO from now with a free account. Check our libraries at thethings.iO github account and follow us on Twitter at @thethingsiO.