What Media is telling about thethings.iO

It started with our appearance in Forbes and VenturesBeat, and now there is even more! After closing our first-round of investment, many important blogs and Newspapers have spread the word. Do you want to know which ones are we talking about?

Firstly, the news from


. With the heading “thethings.iO Pulls In $270k To Expand Its IoT Platform” the tech most important blog about startups talked about our first-round of investment, and made Twitter buzz with it.

thethings.iO on TechCrunch

Other spanish blogs such as

WWWhat’s New

(“250.000 euros de inversión para thethings.iO, startup española especializada en la “Internet de las cosas” – “€250k of investment for thethings.iO, spanish startup specialized in the Internet of Things”),


(“Barcelona’s Raises €250K To Power The Internet Of Things Movement”),


(“La start-up thethings.iO cierra una primera ronda de inversión de 250.000 euros con la aportación de 190.000 euros de ESADE BAN” – “The startup thethings.iO closes a first-round of investment of €250k with a €190k contribution from ESADE BAN”)


(“thethings.iO realiza una ronda de inversión de 250.000 euros” – “thethings.iO makes a €250k round of investment”) also published the good news about thethings.iO!

thethings.iO on Spanish blogs

But there are more! The Spanish Newspapers

El Economista

(“thethings.iO cierra su primera ronda de financiación con 250.000 euros” – “thethings.iO closes its first-round of investment with €250k”),

La Vanguardia

(“La empresa emergente thethings.iO capta 250.000 euros en ronda de inversión” – “The startup thethings.iO recieves €250k in a round of investment”),


(“ESADE BAN lidera la primera ronda de thethings.iO” – “ESADE BAN leads thethings.iO’s first-round of investment”),


(“thethings.iO cierra su primera ronda de financiación con 250.000 euros” – “thethings.iO closes its first-round of investment with €250k”) have also published the news.

thethings.iO on Newspapers

We have no words to express the satisfaction and happiness while seeing all these appearances in such these important Media. Thank you all!

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Press Release: thethings.iO closes its first round of investment with 250,000 euros

thethings.iO team working

thethings.iO team working

thethings.iO, a startup accelerated by Wayra in Barcelona, helps businesses connect their devices to the Internet in a quick and easy manner so they can interact with other “connected things”.

Barcelona, July 6, 2015 – thethings.iO, the Spanish startup of ‘the Internet of things’ that currently resides in Wayra Barcelona, Telefónica Open Future’s startup accelerator, has closed its first round of investments with 250.000 euros. In this round, investors such as 101 startups, Toubkal Partners, Taurus Fund, Wayra and other business angels of ESADE BAN participated.

Marc Pous (CEO), Jose Manuel Pérez (CTO), Marti Zamora (Data Scientist), Alfredo Sanz and Mischa Dohler (advisor), are the founders of thethings.iO, the startup that came to life in 2014 under the slogan ‘You create cool things, we connect them to the Internet’. This startup strives to become the ‘cloud’ for IoT businesses at a global scale.

In order to connect devices to the Internet, there needs to be a platform in the cloud that allows these devices to interact with other devices, monitor them in real time, manage them, and reprogram or control these devices remotely. thethings.iO helps businesses connect their devices to the Internet in a quick and easy manner so they can interact with other “connected things”.

Companies that develop new hardware must design, create new prototypes, produce them and sell them. But in order for these objects to be connected to the Internet, there needs to be a mobile app and a platform in the cloud to manage and store the data generated by these devices. thethings.iO reduces the time and cost of this process, offering the developers, users and any company already operating on this platform, the visualization and data analysis such as remote management of devices and interoperability between them.

The platform of thethings.iO, that already has more than 2,500 registered users and thousands of connected devices, works with companies such as Telefónica, Econais, and Sigfox. Any company that works with IoT and needs to connect devices in wearables, homes or industries are their target market.

The capital generated will be invested in business development, marketing and communications in order to start their growth and expansion at a global scale. Also, this money will go to further their technical development of their platform ‘the Internet of things’ of thethings.iO.

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How IoT will change our animals

How IoT will change our animals

How IoT will change our animals

Could you ever imagine that Internet of Things is going to change our animals? Yes, this is possible, just keep reading and you will discover it!


Basically, the most common IoT devices for dogs or cats are the animal tracking-kind. Many companies have created a similar FitBit bracelet, but for dogs’ neck. It is commonly said that the dog is the best friend of the human, so why not start understanding it?

Some examples are WÜF or FitBark, which monitors the dog’s everyday activity and allows you to track its progress. By using FitBark, the dog’s master can understand its health, changes in behaviour, share experiences with friends and family, automatically share data to its vet, etc. It fits in all kind of dogs.

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thethings.iO library for Electric Imp

We love Electric Imp, its simplicity and how it works. This is the reason why this is the very first tutorial explaining with detail how to connect Electric Imp with thethings.iO. The ElectricImp + thethings.iO library that we implemented let you read, write and activate things through the REST API from thethings.iO.

From now if you need to store data from your Electric Imps you will be able to use our Electric Imp class to access the thethings.iO services.

Electric Imp board

Electric Imp board

Keep reading if you want more information about the Electric Imp + thethings.iO library…

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How IoT will change Sport

How IoT will change Sport

How IoT will change Sport

First, it was the Health app from Apple or Nike+, Nike + Running, Runtastic mobile apps…, and now lots of wearables and other devices are connected to the internet to measure, not only your steps, even more and more. From bracelets to t-shirts that control your movements. The inimaginable, has become real to change our lives. Do you want to know more? Keep reading, we are going to show you the latest news in the Internet of Sport Things field.


To practise Fitness is in style. Everyone knows what fitness it, and most people around the world have added it to their lifestyles. The Internet of Things fitness devices’ main role is to help athletics practise it in a better way.

If we think about running, the first device that comes to our minds is FitBit. What is it? It is a brand of connected bracelets that allow the customers to track their day-to-day. Your daily steps, the distance you have walked, the calories you’ve burned… everything is tracked with one FitBit device. To monitor your sleep at night, to wake you up with a quiet vibration, act as a clock or ask at phone calls (yes, you can connect it to your smartphone) are some of other capabilities Fitbit offers to customers. But there’s even more! All the data generated can help you see your own personal progress and keep the control. There are other sport brands that offer a similar product as FitBit, for example, Nike, with its device called FuelBand.

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How the Internet of Things will change our houses

How IoT will change our houses

How IoT will change our houses

“Home, sweInternet-of-Things home”. Yes, IoT will be in your house too. Imagine yourself arriving from work. You lock your car just by touching your smartphone. Automatically, you can also open your house’ front door. You are in, and then, looking at your own smartphone, you can know exactly the temperature, humidity… there is in the house. And what about turning your lights on with just one click? Let’s talk about some of those opportunities that new homes will bring us…

Saving energy

As we have said and repeated lots of times, most IoT help us saving energy. Using a new system of connected, for example, lights, you can customize and adapt them depending on your needs at any time. Check Ledmotive, one of thethings.iO customer, and you will realise what we are talking about.

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Light plays Music under the Sea in the Sónar Festival with thethings.iO

The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest

The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest

Every June, Barcelona feels the beats of the Sónar, the Electronic and Experimental Music Festival.

If two years ago, at thethings.iO we were connecting an IKEA sofa to the Internet to allow everyone to feel the music of the Festival, this time we are collaborating in another project called Citclops. The Citclops Project presents the “Musical Tentacle” in the Sónar + D contest, thanks to the Program STARTS organized by the European Commission, about the innovation and creativity in the technological and scientific field.

The “Musical Tentacle” is a project to sonify and artistically express scientific data used to measure the transparency of the sea water through the real-time broker of thethings.iO.


It only needs a buoy, a KdUINO (a low-cost Arduino), a water-resistant box and thethings.iO. The box fits a basic open-source electronics prototyping platform and communications payload. Buoy’ sensors, which measure the light in the water, are connected via cable to the box. The data generated is real-time transported to thethings.iO and accessible by using a mobile device because of the capability of connecting it to the buoy.

Musical Tentacle offers a unique opportunity to audio-visually experience variations in the transparency of our seas. Are you going to miss the chance to live it for yourself?

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thethings.iO interviewed at the Tech Lounge MWC15

Last March, as you might know, the Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona. In that congress, Marc Pous, thethings.iO CEO was interviewed at the Intel TechLounge leaded by Sascha Pallenberg. Do you want to see it? Watch the following video:

Most Internet of Things companies do both hardware and software, so they have a lot of work reinventing the wheel. What would happen if each company focus on what they do best? thethings.iO brings to IoT companies a real-time cloud solution, allowing them to make just hardware. So they build the things, and then, thethings.iO connects them to the Internet.

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