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thethings.iO September’16 Fresh New Features!

At thethings.iO we are constantly learning from our customers to improve our IoT platform. At thethings.iO we use a software continuous delivery, that means, that when we have a new feature we deploy it immediately (after unit testing and other). Yesterday, because of the specific features that we deployed we had to schedule a maintenance […]

Monitoring the sausages from Casa Tarradellas

Lately at thethings.iO, we have been working on several interesting projects. And finally we can announce one of our favourites and related to the science world! Keep reading if you want to know more… DISCLAIMER: This is an April’s fools 2016 post. Hope to see this happen in the next 5 years 😛 Internet connected […]

Traveling made easy with IoT

Traveling can either be a terrible or an amazing experience. While some things like a turbulent flight or first class can’t be fixed by IoT, IoT can help make other parts of traveling so much simpler. Whether you’re a regular traveler racking up miles or only traveling for a family wedding every now and then, […]

How IoT will change Sleep

My life, just like everyone else’s revolves around sleep. If I get a good night’s sleep I’m up and ready for the day. If I get a bad night’s sleep I’m tired and grumpy until I get some coffee. The hardest thing about getting a good night sleep is figuring out what is wrong with […]

How IoT will change Schools

Just as the IoT is shaping the future of homes, sports, and music, IoT is going to literally shape the future it self! (…Because the children are the future…Queue the 1985 song ‘We are the World’) Schools will be managed in a whole new way. IoT is making a big impact on managing the school […]