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Developing Android app with the thethings.iO

Last week we explained how to create Apps and IoT dashboards from thethings.iO, this week its time to build real mobile apps connected to an App Id. Because most of thethings.iO IoT platform customers do not only make a connected product, but also build mobile applications. Mobile apps are useful to let final customers access […]

IFTTT, LIFX and thethings.iO

One of the most popular services that helped the Internet of Things to reach a great critical mass is IFTTT. IFTTT means if this then that. IFTTT is a fantastic IoT platform that allow people build recipes, triggers or actions with several connected devices and services. thethings.iO + IFTTT Actually at thethings.iO we love IFTTT. […]

Connecting the SmartEverything to thethings.iO with Sigfox

In today’s post we are going to show you Step by Step how to connect the SmartEverything board to thethings.iO with SigFox technology. If you need to visualize Sigfox data through an IoT dashboard or analytics you can use thethings.iO. During this tutorial you will need: A SmartEverything board. A button (optional) Now, make sure you have […]