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Connect industrial gateway Option CloudGate to thethings.iO

Some of our customers use industrial routers from 3rd party manufacturers for several reasons. Some of these reasons are important requirement because of the environment, certifications, connectivity or needs on the field. Industrial routers or gateways are getting important on use cases such as the industry. Option have created the CloudGate router which is a […]

Sigfox IoT Dashboard with thethings.iO IoT platform

In today’s post we are going to show you how to create (step by step) a Sigfox IoT Dashboard with thethings.iO IoT platform. Literally it’s 5 minutes time, no more. In this example we will use a Sigfox board with temperature and humidity sensors, same as the previous post (Connecting the SmartEverything to thethings.iO). On […]

3 reasons to use thethings.iO IoT platform

Every company that wants to be successful in the Internet of Things realm have a lot to do. One of the most crucial part is the IoT platform. Some of the key questions when building an IoT product are: Should I build my own IOT platform? should I use an IaaS as an IoT platform? […]

Connect STMicroelectronics boards to thethings.iO

Today, we’re gonna show you how to connect your STMicroelectronics board with thethings.iO. At this post we are going to connect exactly STMicroelectronics Discovery-F746NG board to take advantage of the mbed platform. The STMicroelectronics Discovery-F746NG is a development kit board of the ST32F7 series of microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex-M7 processor. The board brings a […]

How to visualize your SCADA diagram at thethings.iO in 3 steps

Imagine you have a number of different Internet-connected devices that fit together within one system. This could be a plant with humidity, light and pH sensors or, on a larger scale, a connected home system with numerous connected devices or a factory where you can monitor and control the valves, faucets, among others. The possibilities are endless, but […]

thethings.iO September’16 Fresh New Features!

At thethings.iO we are constantly learning from our customers to improve our IoT platform. At thethings.iO we use a software continuous delivery, that means, that when we have a new feature we deploy it immediately (after unit testing and other). Yesterday, because of the specific features that we deployed we had to schedule a maintenance […]

Connect the ESP8266-V12 Wemos to thethings.iO

One of our favorite WiFi device is the ESP8266. After explaining how to connect ESP8266 v1 to the IoT platform thethings.iO, here we would like to explain how to connect ESP8266 v12 or WEMOS to thethings.iO. In this case we are working on a Wemos D1 Mini. We decided to work in some projects with […]

Developing Android app with the thethings.iO

Last week we explained how to create Apps and IoT dashboards from thethings.iO, this week its time to build real mobile apps connected to an App Id. Because most of thethings.iO IoT platform customers do not only make a connected product, but also build mobile applications. Mobile apps are useful to let final customers access […]